Heads up all of you lovers of fishing! The catfish have arrived and are waiting for you at the Tyler State Park Lake!

Thanks to the Inland Fisheries Division, the Tyler State Park - Texas Parks and Wildlife has announced on their Facebook page that the catfish are ready and waiting for you now in Tyler, Texas!

A Quick Personal Note.

I have a confession to make. The first and last time I ever went fishing was to catch catfish with my Dad many, many years ago. We did, in fact, catch a catfish in the little lake that was adjacent to where we lived in Bastrop, Texas.

While I was initially ELATED to have caught a fish at all, especially one with cat-like whiskers, the joy faded soon after as we began walking home with our catch of the day. Once I realized the catfish was going to die, I became practically inconsolable.

My poor papa tried to reason with me, but my 9-year-old self wouldn't have it. He finally relented and promised to carry the fish back to the lake and I was relieved. (Whether or not he ACTUALLY took the fish back, I'll never know. But I am still grateful he did what he could to console me.) 

OK, Back to the Topic at Hand. The catfish are waiting for you at Tyler State Park Lake!

If you're a normal person (unlike me) who simply enjoys fishing with friends and family, why not bring your poles and plan a little excursion to Tyler State Park? There are more than 1,600 Channel Catfish waiting for you now.

Wanna go? I may go myself and try again as a somewhat more reasonable adult. And hey--If you take me along, I PROMISE not to throw a fit when we catch one. ;)

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