So, I am a lover of ALL animals--dogs, of course. Also, fuzzy creatures of all sizes and even some with scales. OK, snakes I may love a *little bit* less, but I'm working on it.
However by now you may have gathered that I am most definitely a cat lover. And I confess, there have been times, when I've felt that cats don't always get the same level of attention as their canine counterparts. (To be clear, I'm ALL ABOUT dogs getting enormous amounts of attention, because they're basically perfect beings.) So, I'm pretty excited to hear that cats will be getting a bit more of the glory they deserve.
Check out these details from the Facebook page of ETX Brewing Co:
"ETX Brewing Co. presents “CATS ON BROADWAY” benefiting O'Malley Alley Cat - Tyler Saturday, July 13th 2:00 - 4:00. A real cat show with real adoptable cats! Live Music with Dustin Becker. Please come out and support the efforts to find forever homes for the many homeless cats in East Texas. If you are looking for a cat, there will be plenty to choose from or if you are just an animal lover, please come!" 
A cat show. And live music. With actual cats. That you can ADOPT! OK, who's coming with me?

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