Technically the first day of summer isn't until June 21st, but what the weather people like to call meteorological summer began yesterday on the June 1st, and goes until August 31st. So, on the first day of meteorological summer in Temple, Texas I was ambushed by a swarm of wasps. What a way to start the season, right?

It truly was an ambush too because they had built a nest perfectly hidden behind the fence post and under the first rail, so when I opened the gate they went into full predator defense mode, and stuck without warning.

They gave me a Wreck It Ralph's hand, so I gave them an eviction notice. Normally, I tend to leave wildlife alone and would have figured out a way to just live around them. Having 3 small children, I am glad it was my right hand they shot up instead of the kids. However, it also means living around them was not going to be an option.

How do you get rid of wasps?


To exile wasps from your house, you can always purchase a wasp spray, hire an exterminator, or my personal favorite - DIY.

Why do I prefer DIY? Because the best revenge is a counter attack, and it's very satisfying to put your foot down and get the last say.

  1. You can easily rid yourself of a wasp nest by throwing about 2 oz. of gasoline onto the nest.
  2. Once the swarm scatters, knock down the nest and smash it to an absolute pancake to take out any larva.
  3. Be aware, the wasps will return and search for the nest, but once they realize it's gone, so are they.

Do you have any DIY solutions?

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