It was one of America's most beloved television series of all time, Cheers ran on NBC from September 1982, to May 1993. There were a total of 275 episodes through its 11 season run. Over the weekend the bar from the show sold in Dallas, TX for a stupid amount of money.

The auction’s success confirmed what I have always known: that television characters are cherished members of our extended family and that their stories and our own are inseparable,” Comisar said in a news release from the auction house.

The bar from the show sold for a whopping $675,000. It was the biggest earner among many props, costumes and sets from classic TV shows offered up for auction from a private collection.

According to CBS Austin, a few more highlights from the auction include the Batman and Robin costumes worn by Adam West and Burt Ward in the 1960s television series: $615,000. Johnny Carson's “The Tonight Show” set: $275,000.

The set from “All in the Family” sold for $125,000, and the television series chairs went for an additional $250,000.

The man who accumulated the classic tv show memorabilia wanted to construct a museum, but he, James Comisar, said "that after his dream of creating a museum to house his collection failed to come together, it was time for the pieces to go to fans to enjoy."

The sale of the iconic bar comes six months after one of the shows biggest stars, Kirstie Alley, died following a battle with cancer. Alley starred opposite Ted Danson in the NBC sitcom from 1987 to 1993.

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