Last week Chick-Fil-A figured out just how popular one of their menu items is after they announced that they'd be removing it. And now we'll continue enjoying them from Dallas, TX to every single one of their locations across the U.S.

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I mean it's not like it was their signature Spicy Chicken Sandwich, but I've eaten my share and it did seem like a strange flex to even consider removing them.

"At Chick-fil-A, our guests come first. Based on feedback, we have decided not to proceed with removing our Side Salad from the menu. We will continue serving the item at participating restaurant locations and hope customers continue to enjoy this menu offering," the fast food chain told FOX Business.

So it looks like side salads will live to be enjoyed another day! But there are a few more recent menu changes.


In addition to now still being able to enjoy their crisp side salad for lunch, it looks as if their new Cauliflower Chicken Sandwich could soon be rolling out to more locations after being tested in a few. According to CNN, "Imitating the chain’s signature fried chicken sandwiches, the new offering uses a “tender filet cut” of cauliflower that’s marinated and breaded in the chain’s seasoning, then pressure cooked and served on a buttery bun with pickles."

FOX Business also reports that beginning today (April 3), "the chain is bringing back its Watermelon Mint Lemonade, and introducing three other beverages: Watermelon Mint Sunjoy, Watermelon Mint Frosted Lemonade and Watermelon Mint Iced Tea."

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