Not Metal Country. Metal and Country.

Patience is a virtue, but I'll be damned if patience is nothing more than complete and utter torture when you're waiting on new Cody Jinks music. Well, some good news for all you tortured souls, you're not going to have to be quite as patient as you originally thought.

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Late last spring Jinks announced his new "country" album Mercy. Specifying it as country seemed odd at the time, because of course it was going to be country. Everything became much clearer when we learned that the Fort Worth native was fronting a new metal band, Caned By Nod. This side project would too be releasing a new album, and this "metal" album would be titled None The Wiser.

I know, it's hard to keep up.

While we are still going to have to wait a little while longer to get both complete new projects, Jinks hit us a great surprise this week:

That's right boys and girls, Jinks will begin dropping new songs next month. Additionally when he hits the road in September fans can expect to hear the new tunes mixed into his live set.

We still don't have a specific release date for either album, but as you read earlier we do know that his new country album will be called Mercy, and it will be released in November.

The Caned By Nod metal project, None the Wiser, is also assumed to be released in November too, although, once again, we still have yet to be given a specific released date.


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