This is hard to make public... But I'm going to do my best.

About a week ago, something strange happened. I became super interested in something I've never cared about in any way. I've always been into sports. You name the sport, I have watched hours of it on television. Football, of course. Baseball, you betcha. Golf, absolutely. Bowling, believe it or not, yes.

One thing i have never ever EVER watched a single second of... NASCAR.

I've never watched a race, I have no idea what they are doing out there, except for driving fast in a circle.

Then, all of a sudden, I find a weird YouTube video in my recommendations... NASCAR Radioactive.

So I watched one, and basically, they take a race, and pull all of the craziness in the crews' radio chatter, and publish it for each race. I was fascinated by this, and watched easily 30 of these videos.

Now, I can't get off of this stuff. I bought the NASCAR video game, and have been listening to Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s podcast.

Who have I become and will I be like this forever?

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