Can a woman be arrested for being topless in, say, Dallas, TX? What about Houston, TX? Is it legal for Women to Go Topless Outside In Texas? Can they be arrested for it? Well, not exactly.

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Go Topless, an international topless advocacy group, reports that Texas is one of 36 states where "top freedom is in effect." Basically this means that Texas is one of just 36 states here no laws directly prohibit public toplessness.

But can a woman be arrested for being topless in Texas?

According to the Sea Breeze Beacon, "Austin is the only city in Texas where a woman can walk the streets of downtown topless without fear of breaking the law. Hippie Hollow, of Lake Travis, is Texas’ only official nude beach. McFaddin beach in Galveston County is an “unofficial nude beach”, where going topless is allowed since it is secluded, and the local police will only enforce conduct law if a complaint is made.  Full nudity, however, is illegal.  It is also “rumored” that many north South Padre Beaches are nudist friendly."

So, can women go topless in Texas? Yes, unless a municipality ordinance restricts it.

But be advised, ladies. There's a great shot the PD in many Texas towns will have their sights set on and "the police can still arrest you under the pretense of 'disorderly conduct."

The Chron also points out that in "San Antonio women who go topless in public can be arrested under one of three penal codes, public lewdnessindecent exposure or disorderly conduct if it appears the public could be offended by the display."

How can I find out if my city is topless?

"Simply google the city name and its municipal code and key in the word "nudity". Do the same for the county where the city is located to be sure. Consult with an attorney."

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