Buc-ee's is a Texas staple. Ok, they're not widespread across the state but certain road trips along the coast can be planned around them.

The company is looking into expanding with Terrell and Ft. Worth as perfect examples of getting closer to everyone in Texas.

However, for those that debate about clean bathrooms and getting more than gas and snacks, this news is for you.

Oklahoma-based QuikTrip is planning on opening 100, that's not a typo, 100 new stores in Austin and San Antonio according to statesman.com.

QuikTrip has moved as far south as the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex and has locations in 11 other states. QuikTrip, like Buc-ee's, is known for exceptional bathrooms. They also have QT Kitchens that serve various breakfast, lunch and dinner items.

Buc-ee's is looking into expanding even more beyond the Texas coast. They have announced- locations in Alabama and Florida already.

Would Buc-ee's see this move as competition to them and expand even more? Or does Buc-ee's have any competition at all?

I, for one, love Buc-ee's. You stop for gas, pick up a t-shirt or two, a bag of Beaver Nuggets and a brisket sandwich. Hard to compete with that.

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