One of the few things I dislike about summer road trips is that there's always a chance you're going to walk into a bathroom with sticky floors...

Well, now you can plan your bathroom breaks based on the cleanliness of the gas station bathroom. Gas Buddy actually took the time and energy to survey the Top Rated Gas Station Restrooms in the United States (no joke). Check out the infographic below.

Gas Buddy
Gas Buddy.

Are you seeing the same map I'm looking at? Did your jaw just drop because you don't see Buc-ee's listed as having the best bathrooms in the lone star state? Good, 'cuz I'm angry too!

According to Gas Buddy's survey, QuikTrip based out of Tulsa was the dominant gas station rest stop - listed as the best in 9 states. Well, to me it's 8 states at best.

Texas' best gas station restrooms will always be at Buc-ee's. You never have to wait (there's like... 50 stalls) and it's always spotless. Plus you can't forget all of the other amenities this monster rest stop has to offer.

I even gave the benefit of the doubt to the survey. OK - maybe it's based on a certain number of bathrooms in the state. Well the criteria for this survey was a minimum of 20 locations in one state. Buc-ee's has 32.

End Rant.

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