The high that has been the Dallas Cowboys 11 game winning streak has come to an end. The New York Giants stepped up and have handed the Cowboys their only two losses so far this year. While the Cowboys are already in the playoffs, what is left to accomplish and could we see some player changes?

First, some thoughts on Sunday night's game. I believe Dak Prescott may have hit that so called "rookie wall". To play quarterback as a rookie is no easy feat. It was bound to happen and we may have seen the start of that last week against the Vikings. The Giants defense kept Dak confused and wouldn't allow him to see the field. We have laughed about Romo not playing anymore but if Dak struggles again, it may be time for the veteran to get a shot. On the other side, the Cowboys defense played great. They forced 3 turnovers but the offense couldn't capitalize. The only play they gave up did cost them, but they held the Giants otherwise. That missed field goal hurt, too.

A win Sunday could have clinched the NFC East Division title. This sets up that if, and that's a big if, the Giants win out and the Cowboys lose their final three games, the Giants would win the division and possibly home field for the entire playoffs. That's worst case, though.

The Cowboys play Tampa Bay next Sunday night in Arlington, followed by hosting the Detroit Lions the day after Christmas, then travel to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles to end the regular season on New Years Day. Tampa Bay has been playing great as of late, so has Detroit. Both games will be a huge test for the Cowboys.

As I said above, if Dak has the same struggles that he had against the Vikings and Giants, we could see Tony Romo back under center. A friend of mine commented on Facebook last night that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones may have created a bit of a distraction for Dak with all his talk about Romo. That may very well be. It is Jerry Jones, he can't help but stir the pot. Tony has handled this year better than anyone could, though. He has helped Dak so much this season but, again, he is a rookie. Prescott is overdue for a slow down and this could be it. Next week, we'll know for sure.

The happier scenario is Dak and the offense pull together, the defense keeps up their surprisingly great play and the Cowboys win their final three games, winning the division and home field throughout the playoffs and hopefully, fingers crossed, sending good juju their way, a Superbowl...I won't say the "w" word because there is just too much that can happen. These are just my humble opinions from a life long Cowboys fan. What do you think? Let me know below.