The Dallas Cowboys are America's team for a reason, a majority of National Football League (NFL) fans love the team, the rest either don't care or don't like the Cowboys. One thing is for sure, when the Cowboys are playing a prime time game, football fans will watch. Dallas Cowboys Sunday night game against division foe Philadelphia Eagles was THE game of the weekend for fans and non-fans alike. So much so that a group of fans got into the stadium to watch the game by paying an employee cash at the gate to let them in.

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Playing for Playoff Seeding

The Dallas Cowboys played the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday for the NFC East division lead and even a chance at the number one spot in the NFC playoff seeding. The San Francisco 49ers currently have that number one seed but could lose it if the Niners lose and the Cowboys keep winning. Sunday's 33-13 win over the Eagles certainly helps but the Cowboys have a tough schedule to close out the year at the Buffalo Bills, at the Miami Dolphins, at home versus the Detroit Lions then close out the regular season at Washington Commanders.

Fans Without Tickets Got In

Sunday night's game was huge for both teams and for the fans. So much so that a group of fans paid cash to a ticketing employee at the gate to get into the game without official tickets. Police were told that ticketing employee, Diego Soto, 19, let in that group of people. Soto was arrested and faces a charge of commercial bribery, a state jail felony. Soto's bond was set at $1,500 (WFAA).

Increasing Issues This Season

There has been an increasing issue with fights and other bad behaviors at NFL games this season. Just on Sunday alone, police were called out to 90 different disturbances in and around AT&T Stadium. Letting in fans who didn't buy tickets could only escalate these issues.

Go to the games and cheer on your team but make sure to buy your tickets the proper way to enjoy the game.

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