Since we're in Smith County, it might make sense that Smith is the most common last name in Tyler.  It's true.  What about Longview?  And is your name on the most-common list?

We checked, and Smith is the most common last name in both Smith and Gregg counties, with 1 in 79 people having that last name in Tyler, and 1 out of every 80 people in Longview.  If you're playing "guess-my-last-name" at a party this weekend, guess Smith.

Johnson, Williams, Jones, and Brown round out the top five most common surnames in Smith County.

In Gregg County, Williams, Johnson, Jones, and Davis follow Smith in the top five.

We hear these last names a lot, and it's interesting to learn how many East Texans have them.  Gregg is not that common apparently.

Other names that make the Top 100 in Smith and Gregg counties:

  • Taylor
  • Thomas
  • Hill
  • Walker
  • Anderson
  • Martinez
  • Roberts
  • Phillips
  • Rodriguez
  • Baker
  • Adams
  • Ford
  • Wallace
  • Ellis
  • Cox
  • Hicks
  • Hudson
  • Price
  • Boyd
  • Kennedy

My dad is on the ancestry websites constantly, digging up interesting tidbits like this and connecting our family to Blakes and McCallums, but no Smiths or Johnsons.  Geneology is interesting, and it makes us wonder how some names get popular and others don't so much.  It's a lot of work reproducing at such a pace, so nice work Browns, nice work.

This also makes us wonder why some Johnsons are related and some are not.  Things that decrease the probability of having a common ancestor:

  • If the surname refers to any occupation (such as Smith, Cooper, Baker, etc.).
  • If the surname is a color, thing or place (such as Black or Underhill).
  • If the surname refers to a physical characteristic (such as Small).
  • If the surname refers to the son of someone (such as Anderson or Johnson).

Fascinating!  Whatever your family history, congrats to all of you Smiths and Johnsons on being East Texas royalty.  Let's smoke a brisket and have a Shiner to celebrate.

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