The Dallas Cowboys moved to 3-0 after Sunday's win against the lowly Miami Dolphins. The poor Dolphins have become the low light of the 2019 NFL season. They sit at 0-3, all three of those losses have been blowouts (59-10, 43-0, 31-6), players are wanting to be traded to other teams, 0-16 just seems like the inevitable outcome.

Opposing teams and players will never say it in public, but there seems to be no respect for the Dolphins. The blowout scores are enough.

However, during the Cowboys-Dolphins game Sunday, Dak Prescott was miked up for the game. It's something you won't hear during the game but something used for future exerts for NFL Films or NFL promos or who knows what else.

Well Dak enters the huddle, calls the ensuing play than proceeds to talk about his excitement for picking up some Wendy's spicy chicken nuggets after the game. Watch below:

No argument that those nuggets are pretty tasty. And nice to see that Dak can concentrate on two important things at once.

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