Micah Parsons may just be the best player in the NFL today. The Dallas Cowboys phenom seemingly is able to transport himself telepathically to wherever the ball is on the field. But he's got an issue with something off the field.

Why is the price of his haircut going up so much?

“My barber upped his house call price to 200!!! I might grow an Afro now!” Parsons tweeted.

Apparently his barber is either feeling the pinch of inflation or seeing those dollars bills growing out of the star linebacker's head.

“Man I don’t mean too knock no one’s business or what you do and I meant no disrespect to barbers!” Parsons wrote on Monday. “I’m making a simple not on what do you put value too! If I was a model hell yeah my appearance matter but I am a football player!! I wear a helmet the whole game!

“No one is at home wondering how I look under my helmet!!” Parsons continued in a thread. “And also value I grew up on 10/20 haircuts ! I come from nothing man! I still value on what it took me to get here! I ain’t never pay for nothing more than I used to pay!! That just the real in me!”

What do you guys think? I remember about ten years ago this guy at Supercuts in the mall was cutting my hair for $15. Then he started barber shop hopping. He was moving to different stores and each time he did the price went up. I was eventually paying this dude $45 for the same haircut I used to get at a different store for a third of that price, and just a few months earlier.


Maybe we'll catch a glimpse of Parson's hair Thanksgiving day when the Dallas Cowboys take on NFC East rivals the New York Giants -- unless he keeps his helmet on all game.

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