I have never made the decision to get a tattoo. For most, there is a reason for getting some ink. For others, it is just a love of displaying art on their body. For sports fans, getting a tattoo of their favorite team is not uncommon. One team that is beloved by millions of fans around the world seems to have the most interest in being permanently displayed on their body, the Dallas Cowboys.

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The website, ticketsource.us, published an article talking about which sports teams fans would most likely get a tattoo of. In this article, they used searches on Instagram and Google for sports teams and sports athletes. Personally, I wouldn't get a tattoo of a particular athlete. The athlete's portrait looks weird even if its the work of a great tattoo artist. I would much rather just get the logo.

As far as sports teams logos, the Dallas Cowboys were searched the most on Google when looking for tattoos. No big surprise there with how popular the football team is not only in Texas, but around the world. That blue and silver star is easily recognizable no matter how its displayed.

To go a little deeper in the article, Instagram had the most searches for hockey's Toronto Maple Leafs tattoos. For sports athlete tattoos, Google had the most searches for Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry while Instagram had the most searches for Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

Like I said, I have never pulled the trigger on getting a tattoo. Not to say I haven't thought about. Being the huge fan of Transformers that I am, I would love to get a tattoo of the Autobot logo on my right upper arm. Being a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, the simple blue and silver star would look great, too.

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