Daylight Saving Time is coming to an end soon. So when do we set our clocks back in Texas? And is this the last time we'll do so?

There have been rumors going around that this whole business of 'springing ahead' and 'falling back' will soon be coming to an end. But is that true? Why do we even mess with the clock in the first place? It's maddening for some of us in East Texas...MADDENING, I tell you.

Granted, most of us don't mind changing the clock when it means as a society we get to have an extra hour of sleep. After all, I would bet money on the fact that everyone we know would feel a little more sane if we were all getting a little more sleep.

At the same time, some feel that getting that extra hour of sleep when we fall back this year on November 5 at 2 a.m. is a bit like getting a tax refund. We're basically getting our own money back, just like we're getting an extra hour of sleep that, had we not changed the clock in the first place we'd have already been getting.

There has been discussion as to whether or not Daylight Saving Time will become a thing of the past in Texas and all over the U.S.

Is that true?

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I'm sorry to to tell you, it's unlikely to end in the very near future. Not that it couldn't, mind you. But I don't know if we should get our hopes up as of yet.

'Why did we even start this whole thing in the first place?' (You may be wondering.)

According to a story shared by, "DST has been observed in the U.S. since 1918, according to the Bureau of Transportation. It was established to help the Interstate Commerce Commission, which monitored railroad transportation."

Then in 1966, Daylight Saving Time became a legal requirement thanks to the Uniform Time Act. And here we are today.

Yep, there have been efforts to change this recently. In March of 2022, a bill called the Sunshine Protection Act was introduced in the Senate. Had it passed, DST would have been our year-round time. It passed UNANIMOUSLY in the Senate. However, it later expired in the U.S. House in June of 2022. *sigh*

Again in January of this year, 19 U.S. states reintroduced bills to make DST permanent and they progress. However, Texas isn't included in that list of states that have done so. And we are.

But hey, how about that extra hour of sleep, y'all?

*wink and nudge* It will be nice, though. Just like that tax return money.

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