Most people agree that a dog is a mans best friend. And although we don't think much about it, there are some dogs that are born with some sort of disability. It takes a really strong person to care for a disabled pet. Yet it seems that, like humans, pets that have some sort of disability seem to have the most joy in life.

Take this bull dog for example. He is deaf, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying the music that his owner is playing on his guitar. He sits on the ground and can feel the rhythm and can't help but dance to the music. Dog specialists do in fact agree that he is feeling the vibrations from the guitar and is reacting to them.

Since the video has gone viral, people all over have been putting in their input. Most of the comments on the owner's YouTube channel are saying that the dog is not dancing, but is having health issues and is simply scratching. The owner, however, states that her dogs are indeed healthy and is truly reacting to the guitar. Either way, it's still adorable.

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