For those of us who grew up near or in Tyler, Texas, these three buildings have long been an established part of Tyler's history.

And now, they may be beautifully grafted into our present and future.

The Wilcox, The Fair, and The Lindsey are all within a block of one another in downtown Tyler. As we've been seeing new development and revitalization in downtown Tyler, many of us have pondered what might be in the works for these signature places. And now, we may have an idea of what's to come.

A developer out of New Orleans, Louisiana has shown interest in these buildings. In fact, the managing director of NORF, Cullan Maumus, told the Tyler Paper that Tyler is in "growth mode." He went on to tell them:

 “The valuations we have been seeing in Tyler for quality buildings, some already in service, have only been one factor in our multiple acquisitions here, but certainly not the only driver.
Spending time here, the vibe is infectious. City leaders proudly champion opportunity while entrepreneurs and professionals have bought into a shared vision. We are excited to participate in this undeniably special time in Tyler’s history.”
This exciting growth and revitalization we're seeing in Tyler is actually part of NORF's nationwide effort to "improve communities by redeveloping historic buildings and revitalizing blighted neighborhoods while generating compelling risk-adjusted returns for investors."

So what's their plan for The Wilcox, The Fair, and The Lindsey in Tyler, Texas?

NORF plans to turn the buildings into mixed-use and/or multi-family units--about 80 of them, actually.

Congrats to Fitzpatrick Architects in Tyler, who will be the designers for the renovation, as well as, Albert Architecture of New Orleans.

We're excited to see what's to come.

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