When it comes to pop, most everyone has a favorite. If you know someone who is a Diet Coke freak, you can nominate him or her to win a year supply of the tasty beverage and a mini fridge.

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Diet Coke is running this promotion to recognize a 'boss' working from home. This person does not have to be your actual supervisor - just nominate someone you think is really busting their butt right now. Diet Coke describes the idea as follows,

'Say cheers to the unsung heroes out there. The moms, teachers, or coworkers who hustle 24/7, 365. The ones who were extraordinary in a year that’s been anything but ordinary. Nominate someone today and reward the boss in your life with a Diet Coke mini fridge and their very own Diet Coke for a year.'

I think we all know one person (if not more), who deserve to be recognized, and win this awesome prize. You can nominate someone here. Nominations will be accepted until November, 16th of this year. No Purchase Required to Enter or Win. You can see the official list of contest rules, by clicking here.

There will be three grand prize winners, so why not nominate someone? Chances are they will give you a bottle or two if they win. The only time I really drink pop is when I need it for a mixer. Jim Beam and Diet Coke is a great combo. If you nominate someone that wins, or you get nominated and win - invite me over. I will bring the Jim Beam.

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