More people ordered online to replace store visits this year than any year before it. From random home decor to clothes to delivery, most of us have learned how to stay safely at home, but continue to indulge in one of America's favorite past times: shopping.

I've already decided I will mainly be giving gift cards from local businesses this year to all of my friends and family, but there are still a few items I'd like to buy online for the extra special people in my life.

I rarely shop online. I know. Wild. I will fill online order baskets and wishlists with every intention to buy them, but then I worry about how long it will take to ship them, the shipping cost itself, and whether or not I will actually like what I am buying. This eventually leads me to close my browser window and forget about the gifts altogether.

I asked my friends for their favorite online stores, hoping that they would take into consideration all of the weird things that give me anxiety when I order online. A few people asked me if I was an old lady learning how to use the internet, which I resent. Old ladies know much more about the modern world than me. Don't drag them down to my level.

I just want to know how you got so dang cool and where I can find your jazzed up shirt or whatever.

Anyway, here are a few of your favorite places to order online from and are likely exactly where I'm headed...once I get over everyone making fun of me for living in a cave.

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