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You go through life with hopes of never being wrapped up in anything dealing with law enforcement or the court system. You abide by the laws, you're not out committing crimes and generally being an honest citizen. There are times though when you might be in a hurry while you're driving and end up speeding. Your speeding may be caught on the radar by a patrol officer in Lonview, Texas. As a result of your traffic infraction, you're issued a citation for speeding and possibly a seatbelt violation. With that ticket, you're given instructions on how to handle the fine along with a phone number and date to appear in court.

The court date is usually a couple of weeks away and when it came time to appear in court you forgot because you didn't put that date in your phone's calendar to remind you, now there's a bench warrant issued for your arrest. That bench warrant may not be acted upon until your next interaction with law enforcement. That bench warrant never expires and will always be active. If you know right now that there is a warrant out for your arrest in Longview, Texas you can take advantage of the amnesty program that is underway right now and save money at the same time.

Longview Municipal Court Offers Warrant Amnesty Program

If you know you have an active warrant out for your arrest in Longview you can take advantage of this program through April 30. 2023 and clear the warrant and save some money on court fees. During the program, all warrant fees will be removed when someone voluntarily contacts the court and makes a payment for at least half fo the total amount due and start a payment plan for the remaining balance. If you want to save even more, pay the fine in full and they'll take off an additional 20%. This offer applies to the fine amount itself and not any associated court costs.

Last year when the Longview Municipal Court offered this program, 285 people took advantage resulting in more than 525 warrants being resolved and saving thousands of dollars.

Those With Warrants Will Be Granted Safe Harbor

If you have a warrant and show up to take advantage of this program you'll be granted safe harbor while you are taking care of your warrants. This is a great opportunity to get a fresh start and to begin clearing your name and getting that warrant removed. If you are in need of financial assistance, the court may be able to help you out and will work with you on an agreeable payment plan, but you've got to live up to the deal or face another warrant.

Clear Those Warrants In Person

Clear up any outstanding warrant with the Longview Warrant Amnesty Program through the municipal court located inside the Longview Police and Courts Building located at 302 W. Cotton St.

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