If you're not paying attention, you might walk right by it thinking it's some rogue leaf!

Texas Parks and Wildlife shared another awesome find in the beautiful Texas outdoors - the Luna moth.

According to TPWD, Luna moths are primarily active at night, though the photo of these two are during the day. The two 'moon' moths pictured are in the process of mating and they can stick together for as long as 20 hours, The male has a larger,. bushier antennae. Sadly, an adult Luna moths' lifespan is about a week as they do not eat anything and have no digestive tract or mouth.

Luna moths can only be found in North America and they're all over Texas if you know where to look. The pair shown above was discovered at Mission Tejas State Park by Nacogdoches.

Then someone shared one they found this past Saturday in Gilmer! Take a look at some of the beautiful luna moths that were shared on this thread. Have you seen one in real life? Share a photo if you have!




This Luna moth was videoed at Caddo Lake in East Texas - so you know you can find them around these parts!

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