If you’re anything like me, you find it amazing how easy it is to collect things around your house here in Texas. It only takes a few days for piles of clutter to build up, which is why we have to work at making sure that doesn’t happen. But if someone were to ask you what is sitting on top of your refrigerator right now would you have an answer for that question? 

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For most of us there is probably some loose paper or some mail, it could be food items such as cereal or potato chips, but normally there isn’t a ton of space to put items on top of your fridge. While there might be limited space there are some specific items that you will want to make sure does not find a home sitting on top of your refrigerator, and all this information is coming from experts.  

Why Does It Matter What Is on Top of Your Fridge? 

It seems like a good question, why does it even matter what goes on top of your fridge? But there are certain things that will go bad or could create a dangerous situation for your family. As you will see below, making sure these items are not on top of your fridge is all about avoiding a potential hazard or wasting money. 

Items You Should Not Put on Top of Your Fridge 

Now would be a great time to see what is sitting on top of your refrigerator. Because according to the experts at Reader’s Digest here is a look at 11 items that you should not store on top of your fridge.  

Texans Should NEVER Put These 11 Items on Top of the Fridge

Storing some of these items above the fridge could potentially create serious problems that could harm your health.

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