I love Christmas time, you know the season, probably more than Christmas Day. Anybody else? And that's not to say anything bad about Christmas Day, it's just the anticipation leading up to the big day is usually what does it for me. But how many days is too much anticipation?

How early is too early for Christmas stuff? We got on the topic here at the station after someone posted on Facebook "Anybody else ready for Carmela's Magical Santa Land!?" While I appreciate the enthusiasm, it was posted on August 25th. That's a lot of lead time 'till the big day.

But is it too much? Is August 25th too early to long for Santa Land? I visited with the office staff to find out.

Melanie in sales told me, "No way! I'd turn my Christmas lights on every night if I didn't have an HOA." Curtis who works for one of our sister stations, and is quite fond of dressing up, was very abrupt with his answer "Hell yes it is. We've gotta get Halloween in there somewhere."

And our Digital Promotions Director, Seth, was super diplomatic. He said, "Hey if someone want's to start celebrating Christmas in August, don't."

In all, 46 people responded to the original Facebook post, which I wasn't able to embed, and there was a fun mix of gifs; including Anna from "Frozen" squealing with excitement, to "Gran Torino" Clint Eastwood muttering "Hell no."

Meanwhile, Tina noted that she is definitely ready for cooler weather, but as Ron astutely pointed out to the original commenter, he is about four holidays early.

So what do you think? How Early is Too Early For Christmas Stuff?

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