Your vote, it's one of the precious things given to you by the Constitution of the United States of America and one of the most important things you can do as a U.S. citizen!  Don't let it go to waste!

Election day is coming up Saturday, May 6th.  East Texans will be voting in new city council members, school board members, voting on school bonds along with other propositions (depending upon your city).  As of now, early polling locations have opened up around East Texas so that you may be able to cast your ballot early as we head into the spring's election cycle.

One of the big bond proposals on the ballot is for Tyler ISD tax payers - do they pass or reject the proposed $198 million school bond for high school renovations on the two high schools.

Early voting will end Tuesday, May 2nd.  I will be casting my ballot and making my vote count early this year because I will not be able to vote on election day, Saturday, May 6th, because I'll be working in downtown Tyler all day at the Red Dirt BBQ + Music Festival!

Make YOUR VOTE count - you're entitled to it - don't waste it!

Click on your county name to find a list of early voting and voting locations:

Other local city polling locations may be found on the city website of the city you will be voting in.

Remember when you go vote, Texas now requires you show a photo ID in order to vote!

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