East Texas now has its own Walter White.

A middle school chemistry teacher in Linden, about 40 miles southwest of Texarkana, was arrested last week for selling methamphetamine -- and right in the school's parking lot.

According to KSLA in Shreveport, 43-year-old William Duncan was arrested and charged with delivery of a controlled substance in a drug-free zone.

And, as coincidence would have it, Duncan just happened to be a chemistry teacher and his drug of choice was home-cooked meth.

"We've been conducting an undercover operation for about five months and buying narcotics and we had bought off of this person a few weeks back," Linden Police Chief Alton McWaters told KLTV in Tyler. "We set-up another buy from him. He sold it to us at the school, at the junior high school where he teaches."

Meth also was found in Duncan's truck. Thankfully, he is not suspected of selling the incredibly addicting and devastating drug to his students.

Sounds like Duncan better call Saul.

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