This Thursday, February, 2 at 7pm will kick off Liberty Hall’s month of romance with the 1990 movie, “Ghost,” starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg. I don't know anybody who wouldn't agree that this movie is one of the best romantic films of all time.

The late Patrick Swayze plays Sam, the husband of  Molly played by the beautiful Demi Moore. The couple is very much in love and then an encounter one evening ends the life of Sam.  Sam finds himself trapped as a ghost and realizes that his death was no accident. He must warn Molly about the danger that she is in, but as a ghost he cannot be seen or heard by the living, so he tries to communicate with Molly through Oda Mae Brown, portrayed by Whoopi Goldberg, a physic who that until now didn't realize that her powers were real.

Take your sweetheart to this romantic movie and fall in love all over again!

Tickets are available online at Liberty for $7 and at the door, thirty minutes before each show, for cash only.

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