There seem to be a few magical humans from a faraway land that actually seem to enjoy exercise. Very often, they're already fit. The rest of us sit over in the shadows and watch them, perplexed, as they run and bike and hike, etc. They also look quite happy doing it.

So, we may be tempted to shrug in resignation and decide that they clearly come from a strain of super humans of whom we are not a part and decide to give up before we've even begun. *Orders pizza with extra cheese.*

BUT WAIT. Wait. Hang on a minute. Unless someone has literally been fit from birth and grew up in a family of Olympians, for most people, they can remember a time in their life when they were not, in fact, the fit folks they are today. Whatever the fitness goals may be, whether you have them or not, please know that you, too, are quite capable of completely changing your fitness level and enjoy getting there. It may be simpler than you think.

Instead of feeling like you need to get to the gym and starting crunching metal or running a marathon because "that's what fit people do," start small. But be consistent. Begin by setting aside 10-15 minutes for a walk (or longer depending on current fitness level.) I'm a firm believer that walking every day is not only good for your body, but can give you much needed time in nature, lower stress levels, and even bring you interesting insights when you feel stuck.

Or think about the activities you used to love as a kid. For me, I've always loved to dance. Seriously, some days I turn on the music and have my own little dance party. It's a blast and I'm burning calories, too. For you it may be swimming or maybe axe-throwing. Whatever, just get in the habit of moving your body every single day consistently.

Then, as you feel stronger, build from there. You'll find that the more regularly you engage in physical activity you love, the more you'll enjoy exercise. That endorphin hit you get from exercise is REAL.  Before you know it you may be ready to step it up a bit, engage in new activities as your confidence grows, and you'll enjoy it. You may even become one of those "fit" people you look at now as alien superheroes. If you get there, be sure and remember to send encouraging vibes to the rest of us. ;)

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