I'm a nerd. I'm a geek. I'm a dork. I'm whatever other adjective you can use to describe someone like me. The thing is I am super proud of it. I love showing it off and I love talking about it. So here it is friends, time to take a virtual tour of my nerd cave. Enjoy.

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Let's start off with a piece of my childhood that has never left me, Transformers. Yes, those robots in disguise that visited us on TV every weekday afternoon after school. It was not uncommon for me to take my Transformers and team them up with my G.I. Joes to fight the Decepticons. I had kept a few of the toys from my childhood with me but the collector side really kicked in when Michael Bay introduced his Transformers movies in 2007. It's led to having over 100 figures displayed proudly front and center when you walk into my apartment.

I've always loved playing video games. That love started with the Nintendo Entertainment System in the 80's. I moved to the Sega Genesis then to the Sony PlayStation. I have been a PlayStation fan since. I thought my (and my sister's (I have to say that because it was both or ours Christmas present)) original Nintendo was gone a long time ago. My parents ended up finding it in a box in the back corner of their closet and gave it to me. It still works and I have since added many, many more games to what was still in the box.

I may end up collecting for the Sega Genesis at some point but I need more room. A lot of those games are really high right now price wise so it may be good to wait until prices lower a bit.

I love the PlayStation video game systems. I started with a PlayStation 1 in the late 90's. That's where my love for Final Fantasy began along with the Metal Gear Solid franchise. I have owned every PlayStation system since then and own each system now. I have a blast heading to Game X Change and/or EntertainMart and browse their selection of retro games to hopefully find a gem to add to my collection. I search online, too, and have found several that way as well.

I enjoy comics, too, though I wasn't the biggest collector of comics when I was younger but I read enough to enjoy them. Fantastic Four was my favorite. Spider Man was always fun to read, too.

So here we go friends, a full look into my nerd cave. Enjoy.

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