Often times we are bringing things to your attention that have to do with local crimes that law enforcement is currently working on. But when crimes get extreme law enforcement calls in reinforcements in the form of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Normally these cases are more intense, or something that causes damage to lots of people or crosses state lines when smaller agencies don’t have the resources to track down these individuals. Here is a look into 10 famous cases and criminals all with ties to the state of Texas. 

I’m a big-time crime junkie, and learning about some of these cases are so intriguing to me, but it always makes me wonder how great these people could have been if they used their power for good not evil. To commit some of these crimes it takes intelligence, bravery/stupidity, and a little luck on your side too.

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There are Famous Criminals Linked to the State of Texas

As you check out the list below you will probably notice some names you’ve heard in the past, the most famous names on the list have to be Bonnie and Clyde. Another name that stuck out was George “Machine Gun” Kelly.  

The Crimes Linked to Texas Were Mostly Violent  

Most of the famous FBI cases and criminals involved some sort of horrible violence, so while the criminals might be famous it’s still horrible for the families that lost loved ones. Also, it was interesting to see more than one case listed below involving espionage, here is the list so you can see for yourself. 

10 Famous FBI Crimes or Criminals Linked to Texas

Here is a look at 10 different cases or criminals with links to the state of Twxas.

19 Fugitives Wanted by the FBI With Ties to Texas

Take a look at these fugitives, some have rewards of up to $5 million dollars.

Only 6 Women Are On Death Row In Texas. Here's A Look At Their Crimes.

**This story has been updated to reflect the current status of Melissa Lucio, who is scheduled to be executed on April 27th, 2022.**

**UPDATE 4/25/22: An appeals court has delayed the Texas execution of Melissa Lucio so a lower court can review her case.

Texas has the most active death chamber nationwide.

Currently, four inmates are scheduled for execution in 2022, including Melissa Lucio. She is the only woman on the current schedule.

The six women on death row in Gatesville, Texas have been incarcerated for an average of almost two decades. Continue scrolling to see their stories.

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