Sept. 22 is the first official day of autumn! That means it's finally time for all of our favorite fall activities!

At 3:44 p.m. the autumnal equinox will occur, thus making day and night equal times for the next 3 months. But just because summer has come to an end does not mean that fall won't live up to our expectations!

Check out some of our favorite things about fall here:

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    Perfect Football Weather

    Does this really even need an explanation? Everyone knows what the perfect football weather is - cool enough to wear warm clothes and cheer on your favorite team, but not so cold that you need 12 blankets and hot chocolate just to survive the game. That crisp air essentially defines perfection.
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    Fall Fashion

    Scarves, boots, jeans, jackets, flannel and more - could you really ask for more? The layered look and feeling cozy all the time are unbeatable.
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    Fall Foods

    Fall starting means that it is totally acceptable to eat anything pumpkin, gingerbread or cinnamon flavored now. And when I say anything, I mean it. Cookies, lattes, pies, cakes, whatever. Plus, who doesn't love it when their kitchen smells so delicious??
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    TV Series Resume

    You've spent your summer trying to find a TV show that will fill the gap in your heart from your favorite TV show being between seasons - you don't have to try and hide it. But now that it's fall, you can be content again with the start of your favorite show's new season!
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    Halloween Activities Begin

    Costume planning, pumpkin carving and parties galore! Even if Halloween is only 1 night of the year, people celebrate it for the entirety of fall. It's not just about the kids, adults can have all the fun we want too!