Say "Bye-bye" to all of your previous commitments as soon as you download this game. It's overwhelming and captivating - and will make you crave playing all the time.

'Flappy Bird' will change your life, but not because it's especially outstanding or anything impressive. It's simply the most addicting game in existence, in my opinion at least.

You won't want to do work, talk to people, eat anything or even blink while you're playing. You'll be angry if you receive a text message or another type of phone notification, and your world will probably come falling down if someone calls you in the middle of the game. If you think I'm joking, download the game - it's available for Apple and Android products.

If anyone could possibly explain why tapping a phone screen to make a little bird flap his wings and fly through a series of pipes is fun, I would love to hear it. But until then, I'm going to keep loving the game and trying to beat my score (which I will admit is not all that high).

This simplistic game provides very little recognition for your accomplishments, which somehow makes me only want to play it more in spite of the idea of earning nothing more than a medal after reaching a score of 10. Unlike other popular games like 'Candy Crush' or 'Angry Birds' that reward you and have new levels to unlock, 'Flappy Bird' just exists as one level with hardly a goal to work for. Except for the fact that you will inevitably become addicted.

For those of you who need proof of the addiction, check this out:

As much as you will hate what it does to your life, you will love the game.


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