What the hell is wrong with people?! According to myhighplains.com, a survey of Americans showed that almost half of them wear their underwear for more than one day.

This. Is. Gross.

Even when I'm being super lazy for a couple of days, I still shower and change every day. How can people do this and be okay with it?

The study found that 45 percent have worn the same pair for at least two days and 13 percent said they have worn the same underwear for a week before.

A week! A week!

No wonder so many were eating Tide Pods. They weren't being used to clean their clothes. I wonder if they wear the same socks multiple days, too. That's a gross on a whole 'nother level.

I know what you are thinking, this was from a majority of men. Nope. The study was split evenly among men and women.

Check out the full details on this gross and baffling study HERE. And for Pete's, and everybody's, sake, wash your underwear. Now pardon me, I just throw up in my mouth a bit.

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