Not cute, Jason. By the time Mr. .500 left Dallas, TX, most people were happy to see him go. Not that anyone especially disliked him or his maniacal clapping, but like his overall success as a head coach, he was just blah.

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And while Jason Garret's career in Dallas ended with 85 wins to 67 losses, there just too many 8-8 seasons, and playoff disappointment with him in charge. But despite his lackluster reign, he still had an overall positive perception among Cowboys fans -- that is until last October.

So prior to the Cowboys vs. Eagles game on Sunday Night Football back in October, Garrett, and the other analysts, all made their picks for the game. Most of them, including Garrett, picked the 5-0 Eagles to beat the 4-1 Cowboys.

Which is fine, they are a very good team this year. And it doesn't seem his picking of the Eagles is what caught the ire Cowboys Nations, it's those three damn words he chose to use to submit his pick.

"We've been talking about it all year long, Eagles the most complete team. I think Dallas has the best defense, look for Philadelphia to run the ball and run the ball at Micah Parsons," Garrett said during his pick. "I never thought I'd say this in my life -- fly Eagles fly. I pick the Eagles."

C'mon, man. It was bad enough you turned coat and ran to the New York Giants, but now you wanna say something stupid like "fly Eagles, fly," on national television? Not cool Garrett. Not cute, coach.

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