We have most definitely seen our fair share of severe weather here over the past few weeks and it appears as if we're in for a bit of a break over the next seven days, thankfully.

With the storms that have been rolling through Texas and Louisiana though we've been beaten up with huge downpours, hail, straight line winds and tornadoes.

A storm that rolled through New Orleans on Monday morning, produced winds so strong that it blew nearly a dozen shipping containers off the tracks of an elevated railway.

The incident was amazingly captured on a GoPro camera of a WGNO reporter who had it rolling while he sought shelter from the storm in a Raising Canes Chicken Fingers restaurant.

While in the restaurant he and others heard and felt the impact from the falling rail cars.

Thankfully the containers were mainly empty, free of chemicals and there were no injuries reported.

The power of Mother Nature can never be underestimated in any situation.

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