On Saturday, Nov. 5 at 8 p.m. the hilarious comedy duo, “Funny Alpha Dogs,” will be performing at Liberty Hall in Tyler. Thirty-five-year comic veteran, Mark Klein, and his partner in comedic crime, Jeff Love, have a lot in common.

They run businesses, fry turkeys, sip bourbon, bet on horses and consider themselves the alpha dog of their families. They merged their experiences on and off the road and their love of being alpha dogs together and created a hysterical, family-friendly comedy concert.

Klein has headlined comedy clubs, cruise ships and corporate events from Tampa to Tahiti. He has been profiled by CBS, Forbes and GQ. He is currently heard on Sirius XM and Rooftop Comedy. He is a husband, father and the official walker of a very interesting dog.

A Dallas native, Jeff Love, has owned and operated businesses from nightclubs to sporting goods. He coaches basketball, baseball and entertains audiences from Arizona to Ohio. He is a husband and father of two.

The evening’s feature comedian is Todd Justice. For almost two decades, “Comedy Justice” has been served up on a golden plate of mock sarcasm and agony. Justice takes any misery of life and makes it unbearably funny, with one-liners flying and true, hilarious stories that are unbelievable.

After two years in the Air Force, then selling appliances and not quite succeeding as a musician, Justice stumbled upon comedy. By that time, he had plenty of material!

In January of 2004, he released his debut comedy CD, "AND JUSTICE FOR Y'ALL." The disc has garnered rave reviews and national airplay on XM, Sirius, All Comedy and Comedy101 radio.

Later that same year, he was able to bring his own brand of laughter to the US troops across Europe and Asia, Bahrain (twice), Kuwait and Iraq. Justice has appeared on TV's "Family Feud," Ed McMahon's “Next Big Star,” and as a Catholic softball catcher on the comedy release "Boys of Summerville."

Both shows are suitable for those ages 12 years and up. For tickets, visit www.LibertyTyler.com. Tickets are $15 and VIP box seats are $100 (seats four people).