I know most people get prideful saying "Everything is bigger in Texas," and in some cases it's great that we have some very large, unique things in the Lone Star State. But does everything REALLY need to be larger?

Like bugs for instance. I would be perfectly okay if these guys stayed very very small. I have no desire to see large insects flying or crawling around, a majority of them are already creepy enough. But of course not everything can be as I wish, and there are in fact some Texas-sized bugs that call the Lone Star State home.

Much to my disapproval.

Just how many insects are in Texas?

While insects don't follow the borders people do, they do tend to stay in spots they find suitable to their needs and wants -- such as places offering a good food and water supply, environmental factors, mating patterns, and other factors.

When looking at Insect Identification, you will see there are 1,525 Texas insects recorded in the site's database. Yep, that means there are at least that many insect species in Texas. And there could be even more! These are just the ones that have been found.

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I really hate thinking about that many bugs being in Texas

The reasonable part of me knows that many insects play important roles. But the not-so-reasonable part doesn't care, making me dislike a majority of them. I have a few exceptions like rolly pollies, butterflies, some caterpillars, ladybugs, and select others.

In fact, my dislike for bugs -- especially the scary flying kind -- was confirmed only yesterday when I was outside and got chased by a horsefly. I guess it could smell my fear and hatred because no matter how far I ran or how many times I swatted the thing it just kept coming back to try and bite me.

But the pesky horseflies aren't even the worst or biggest in Texas. Out of the 1,000+ bugs, there are 5 especially large and creepy ones, brought to my attention by Alvin Pest Control.

5 Texas-Sized Bugs You'll Find in the Lone Star State

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If you want to see every recorded insect in Texas, check out this site.

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