It's great getting to work in my dream job. Sitting in my room as a kid pretending to be the DJ as I listened to music gave me the passion for the format. To say I'm happy with my "job" is an understatement.

In my career, I've been to so many concerts I can't count them here. And according to a new study out of Victoria’s Deakin University in Australia, going to concerts makes life happier according to

I can't disagree with this.

The study states that those who attended any sort of public music experience, small or large, had a higher satisfaction with their life.

Not only was it the musical experience but also the communal experience that made concert-goers happier.

Getting to hear live music is always a great experience. I'm a man of many musical tastes. I've always said that I could see an Alan Jackson show followed by a Metallica show and be just as entertained.

Last summer, I got to cross seeing Metallica live off my bucket list when they came to Arlington. I bought the live recording of that show and smile every time I listen to it. Concerts, no matter the music format, are always a rush.

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