We've been following the continued fallout from the arrests and indictments of a Smith County Constable and his deputies after they were accused of theft while serving a warrant at a residence last year.

Constable Curtis Traylor-Harris was one of the people arrested and indicted but he remains in his position as Constable because elected officials can keep their seat until they are convicted or removed. But in a bizarre twist, the Constable, still on the county payroll, is sitting another county's jail because he violated his bond and it was all caught on video and according to some, shared on social media.

Traylor-Harris, 34, of Tyler, was arrested by the Smith County Probation Office on Friday Accused Of Violating His Bond.

Traylor-Harris had been out on bond since his first arrest on Nov. 11, when two of his deputies were also arrested. He was taken back into custody because according to the bond violation report, Traylor-Harris received his diploma at the Navarro College Police Academy graduation on May 10. The video shows Traylor-Harris dressed in full uniform and in possession of his gun. There are some who said that photos of Traylor-Harris at the graduation began circulating on social media.

One Problem: His Bond States He Is Not ALLOWED To Carry A Gun

KETK YouTube
KETK YouTube

Despite knowing that he's not allowed to carry a gun, Traylor-Harris showed up to Navarro College to get his diploma in full police uniform. According to KLTV, Traylor-Harris had "complained" about his bond conditions which he says should be modified to allow him to carry his gun in execution of his duties as Constable which he still is employed to do. But the District Attorney replied that he could take it up in court who has the final say.

Traylor-Harris Was Transferred Out Of The Smith County Jail To Gregg County.

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Because Traylor-Harris is still "law enforcement", its standard operating procedure for those arrested to be moved out of the county where they serve. Now he sits in Gregg County Jail on a $500,000 bond. The following is MY OPINION, while I agree that Mr. Traylor-Harris is due his process and should have his day in court, he still has the responsibility to FOLLOW THE RULES OF HIS BOND. They put those rules on you in the first place just to see if you're capable of following them and if you can't even do that just to STAY FREE, then why should anyone trust YOU to continue be in law enforcement?

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