Very recently I was able to take the trip of a lifetime as Savannah and I traveled to Tanzania to go on safari. And while it feels great to be back in Tyler, TX the trip was absolutely amazing. This has been my wife's dream trip ever since she was a little kid. The trip did not disappoint as we visited two different camps and got to see so many amazing animals living in the wild.

Everything from zebras to hippos and even got to encounter 9 different lions throughout our adventures. The lions were very high on my list as they are the top of the food chain and within the first hour of arriving we saw lions feeding on an animal they took down earlier in the day. While I understand some people may feel sad for the animal that lost it's life, it's part of the lions survival. All of the family friendly photos can be found here.

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Graphic Photos of Lions Feeding Can be Seen Below

THIS IS YOUR WARNING, I don't want to scare any little kids or anyone who cannot handle seeing a lion feeding on a buffalo but I did capture quite a few graphic photos while we were out on safari and I did want to share those with anyone interested. So, if you don't want to see those photos this is where you should probably exit this screen.

Final Warning Before You See Animals Feeding Photos

Please make sure you don't have any kids looking over your shoulder because some of the photos below are pretty graphic. But again, it's a part of life, and if lions didn't kill others for food they would die.

Here we go.

GRAPHIC Photos from Africa Safari

Here is a look at a lion feeding on a buffalo.

Photos from Safari Adventure in Tanzania, Africa

Here is a look at some of the animals we were able to see while going on safari in Tanzania.

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