The next time you visit Hallsville City Hall you might meet someone new. Even if you don't have a specific reason to stop by the Hallsville City Hall you might want to poke your head in anyway just so you can meet the new "City Kitty". This might be the most adorable news you've heard in a long time but it's true the City of Hallsville, Texas now has a Cat that stays at City Hall.

The details were released by Marshall News Messenger regarding the grey and white tomcat who was first discovered by a shift officer last April. The cat known as City Kitty was only four weeks old when first discovered and couldn't even eat solid food.

The Decision to Let "City Kitty" Stay Was Up to City Administrator Marty Byres

City staff approached City Administrator Marty Byres about keeping the cat instead of letting it end up in the shelter. I'm not certain how that conversation went, but seeing as how shortly after the cat was vaccinated I'm guessing there were some stipulations to the cat finding it's home at City Hall. The cat can now roam free unless someone with a cat allergy has to do business within City Hall.

City Kitty in Hallsville Makes Each Day Better

City Hall staff have already bought City Kitty lots of treats and toys all paid for by themselves or donations from visitors. He has his own water fountain, automatic feeder, he is living the good life. There are now City Hall visitors that stop by just to see the new City Kitty!

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