People in the Longview, Texas area are talking about their excitement over a new Tex-Mex Restaurant that will be opening in the very near future!

If there's one thing people all over East Texas love, it's Mexican food. Whether we're talking about the "authentic" culinary genre or the widely loved Tex-Mex flavor extravaganza, the more the merrier as far as we are concerned.

El Corral Mexican Restaurant is planning to open its doors in the very near future at 809 Pine Tree Road in Longview, Texas. This week they've been deep into their hiring process and are looking for cooks, dishwashers, servers, hosts, and more. If you or someone you know is interested in applying, you can check out their Facebook page here.

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According to their Facebook page, "El Corral is a family-owned and operated Mexican restaurant serving the best Tex-Mex cuisine and hand-crafted Margaritas!"

OK, let's talk more about those hand-crafted margaritas, shall we?

Margaritas are, let's be honest, one of our favorite things about Mexican restaurants. And El Corral will have quite a selection to choose from. And hand-crafted? Oh yes, please. I mean, just take a look at one of the photos they posted on their Facebook page:

Photo courtesy of El Corral
Photo courtesy of El Corral

In addition to their margarita offerings, we can all look forward to the delicious food offerings, as well. We know they'll be serving up some of our favorites like fajitas, and such. Although we've not seen a menu as of yet, we are keeping up with their Facebook updates while we await the grand opening.

And once they open, there will be a little delay on the liquor license, of course. In response, an El Corral spokesperson said:

“While we wait for our liquor license, you’ll get to enjoy high quality free margaritas and beer.”

They're hoping to open sometime between January 12 and 19, so we don't have long to wait! Meet ya there?

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