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Christmas lights on the house are beautiful, however, the issue of installing them can be challenging for some homeowners.

I really enjoy Christmas and showing off my holiday spirit by decorating the outside of my house with lights. I'll place lights around the flowerbeds, along with the house and gutters all the way up to the peak of the house.  My wife thinks I could be like Clark Griswold from "Christmas Vacation", but I dial it back so it's not as lit up like his display is.

It's about that time of the year to install the lights on the house as Christmas quickly approaches, I noticed several houses in my neighborhood that had their lights installed by the professionals this past weekend. In my previous house, I was that professional installer that would painstakingly put the clips on each light and attach them to the gutters and shingles. However, since moving into a different home I am no longer that installer because of the pitch of the roof. It's just too steep. The first year I tried to do this myself I almost slid off the roof. Now I leave it up to the professionals.

While looking through social media the other day, a member of this group was asking for someone or a company that could do Christmas light installation. As you can imagine, there wasn't a shortage of suggestions. Before contracting or hiring anyone to hang your lights, make sure you research them first. Make sure they are insured so if they sustain an injury while installing your lights or walking all over your roof you will not be held responsible. Know if their fee includes the removal of lights at the end of the season and if they'll come out and replace any burned-out bulbs.

Those are just a few things to look at and consider when hiring someone to install your light. From the social media group, the following is a list of suggested installers from Tyler area residents. BY NO MEANS IS THIS AN ADVERTISEMENT OR ENDORSEMENT FOR ANY OF THE SERVICES LISTED BELOW. The following are provided as a service from suggestions from others that have used them in the past.

East Texas Lawn & Order - 903.707-7688
Merry & Bright Decor Co. - 903.330.0043
Salcido Lawn - 903.502.0669
Custom Christmas Designs Of East Texas - 903.530.5820
Bullard Christmas Lights - contact via message on Facebook
Joel's Lawn & Tree - 903.262.9819
Tyler Christmas Lights - 903.339.0913
Cutting Edge Irrigation & Lawns - 903.570.4331
HPWS Services, LLC - 903.884.8177
Dickerson Lawns & Lights - 903.530.7466
Texas Lighting Services, LLC - 903.504.2400
MTZ Lawn Care - 903.497.1295
Lee Brothers - 903.530.8346


When you get your house all lit up, be sure to show it off! Send us a pic through our station app.

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