Last week, after one confirmed death, and seven more confirmed cases of Legionnaires' disease, The City of Tyler temporarily closed the doors to Harvey Hall in Tyler, as a safety precaution.

UPDATE (11/25/19): The City of Tyler of Tyler through North East Texas Public Health District (NET Health) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has deemed Harvey Hall safe for the public. The water system at Harvey Hall was disinfected, pathways of exposure to Legionella bacteria have been eliminated and water samples collected from at least 54 outlets at the facility have been sent to a lab in Houston and a lab in Fayetteville, Arkansas where they will be tested for Legionella.

As of this afternoon (Nov. 25), the City of Tyler has completed the Harvey Hall water system disinfection, and events are free to resume. Harvey Hall has been re-opened.

Below is the complete post to social media from the city following Harvey Hall's reopening:

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