A friend of mine asked me what my Enneagram type is. I didn't know, so he whined until I took the test. I spent ten minutes answering vague questions that would soon unlock the hidden mysteries of my twisted mind.

Think of it as an "intellectual horoscope." That's pretty much the best way I can describe it. But, instead of being told what the future holds, it just highlights the crazy stuff happening in your head.

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Personally, I think most personality tests are about as accurate as a carnival psychic reading. That doesn't mean they can't be fun.

According to this crazy questionnaire, I'm what they refer to as a 4. They define that as an individualist who is temperamental, expressive, dramatic, and self-absorbed; which definitely doesn't define the tone of this article at all.

It goes deeper tough, as if being told I'm a self absorbed moody theater brat wasn't enough. My sub-class is a 5.

That combination comes out to be, "The Bohemian." I went from moody creative type, to character from Rent.

It wasn't all insults though. There were some interesting bits of advice when it came to overly internalizing things that happen, and staying "out of my own head."

I don't think I came away with any "a-ha" moments, but I did have some fun. Again, there were some neat bits of advice.

Unfortunately none of them said, "Ignore your friend when he wants you to take a personality test."

To take the test yourself, or subject your friends to 10-15 minutes of weirdly vague questions, use this link to find your Enneagram type.

I wouldn't put a whole lot into the results, personally. I would just use it primarily for entertainment.

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