This might be the most outlaw thing since Willie moved back home to Texas. At a show last weekend, Koe and the boys turned it DOWN several notches to cue their arrival.

No doubt MercyMe will see a bump in streams this week, as Koe's team, unbeknownst to him, broke the crowd off with a piece of "I Can Only Imagine" to welcome him and the band to the stage.

As it turns out Koe thought it was suggested as a joke, but was all about it once that piano hit ever so softly.

"I thought you were joking! Koe says laughing in the video, before instructing the guys to "wait 'till the chorus to walk out."

You gotta wonder what was going through his fan's minds when they realized an American contemporary Christian music band founded in Edmond, Oklahoma was kicking things off for Koe on this particular night.

Koe Wetzel is a man on a mission. He's taking over Texas, then the world. The Pittsburg, TX native has busted his butt to become the hottest act in Texas, and that happened for him before he signed a major record deal with Columbia last summer.

His latest album Sellout has been received well by fans and has got the music industry buzzing. Earlier this year, as soon as COVID restrictions loosened, he brought Nashville artist HARDY to Texas for a run of sold out acoustic shows in The Lone Star State. This fall he'll do a few shows with 3 Doors Down, and earlier this month he brought a record setting crowd to Hutto, TX for KOKEFEST.

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