Texas Forestry Association, or T.F.A., the City of Tyler and Tyler Trees Committee will host GreenSideUp, an event to plant 2,400 hardwood seedlings this Saturday at Lindsey Park in Tyler according to a City of Tyler press release. It is a project of T.F.A.’s Sustainable Forestry Initiative Committee with the goal of planting trees where they are needed and promote the many benefits that trees provide. The funds are provided by OneTreePlanted, a 501(C)(3) organization whose mission is to “make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees.”

"TFA and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Committee are very excited to work with OneTreePlanted and the City of Tyler on this project," said Rob Hughes, Executive Director of Texas Forestry Association. “Trees in urban areas filter the air, clean water and prevent flooding. These trees will also promote health and relaxation, improve quality of life and provide a natural setting for the citizens of Tyler.”

The Tyler Trees Committee also worked on getting this project going.

“When we were contacted by TFA, we jumped at the chance to get 12 acres of open-space land in Lindsey Park planted with trees,” said Angela Bennis, Community Coordinator. “Several resident volunteers will join TFA members to plant the trees.”

The planting stats at 9 am Saturday on the North side of Lindsey Park on Spur 364 in Tyler.

If you would like to volunteer, sign up online at givepulse.com or call (903) 595-7217 or (936) 632-8733.

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