If you're having trouble coming up with your own idea, why not just copy somebody else's?

In all honesty, this is our first year doing a trunk-or-treat event. We feel kind of silly; we thought that these were just events where 20 cars park and open their trunks, which are full of Halloween candy. We're realizing that we were very, VERY wrong.

These events have taken on a life of their own. Trunks are themed, decorated and, sometimes, there's a costume to go with it. And sometimes, there's a group costume to go with it.

I'll be 100% transparent here - I think a lot of these are made so intricately so that they look super cute on Pinterest and Instagram. Don't lie, parents - we all do it. We all go the extra mile nowadays so it gets likes on social media. And I don't blame you; I'm just too lazy to care. AJ, on the other hand, is going ALL OUT on our trunk-or-treat this year, which you'll be able to see at the Humane Society of Genesee County on October 30th. No spoilers before that.

If you're a crafty person, like AJ, this should be a piece of cake. If you're not very crafty, like me, you will probably need some inspiration.

10 Brilliant Ideas for Trunk-or-Treat

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