We have all been stuck inside the quarantine for several months and some of us have not been lucky enough to have the luxury of jetting off traveling across the state (or other parts of the country for that matter) to get out of dodge.

Now that Texas is having a coronavirus re-opening, it is a tempting offer to pack up the car, gas it up, and hit the road (Jack)! It has always been hard for me to do much traveling; I am always working hard as the dickens and right now, I can only work part-time so it's hard to save up for a vacation, even on my rare days off. Plus, my car hasn't been the most reliable, even after it gets "fixed" at the shop! I am still determined to go somewhere soon--I just have to or I will lose my ever-loving mind!

If I had my way, I would finish up my work at the office early one morning and then whisk myself and my 9-year-old daughter, Willow, off into the sunset. Which way should we go? I would probably start off heading on out of East Texas and then take it from there! My only gripe is that some patches of travel don't have the best cell phone service, which means that my GPS wouldn't work and I would definitely get lost with nowhere to stop and ask for directions!

If you want to take a road trip or at minimum take some time out for a sweet sight-seeing adventure, listed below are some of the teeniest towns in Texas that might soothe your antsy heart.

Teeniest Towns in Texas

I haven't even heard of most of these. Which one of these small towns have you been to?

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